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Representative Projects

Over the past 30 years, the principals of GGC have been involved in or responsible for assessing the financial and environmental impacts of a wide range of development, capital improvement, and planning projects. Representative projects include the following:

Development Projects

• Commercial shopping centers, high-rise office buildings, and mixed-use commercial/ residential developments
• Industrial developments including a petroleum products tank farm expansion, wastewater reclamation facility, gypsum products manufacturing plant, placer mining operation, regional hazardous waste disposal site, cemetery, and R&D developments
• Municipal utilities including water storage/treatment/distribution facilities, wastewater reclamation facilities, and wastewater tunnel
• Major and minor residential subdivisions and condominium developments
• Churches
• Hotels and inns
• Convention center and public administration facilities

Planning Projects

• Community college long-range development plans
• Redevelopment plans
• General, area-wide and specific plans
• Park improvement plans
• General plan amendment and rezoning proposals
• Closure of Naval facilities
• U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Management Plan for dredging and disposal of dredge spoils in the San Francisco Bay region
• Master Plan for expansion of wastewater treatment plant

Capital Improvement Projects

• Major and minor sewer and storm drain construction projects
• Water treatment facilities
• Water reclamation and distribution facilities
• Road development and improvement projects
• Parking structures
• Transit facilities
• Park development/improvement projects
• Dredging projects
• Fish screens project (associated with a pumping station on the Sacramento River)

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